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Continuously committed to providing superior services

For some time now, technology is no longer the main factor in contemporary communication; of primary importance is what that technology enables. In this regard, 2015 was exceptional. Increasingly demanding users expect us to develop in line with the most state-of-the-art trends, to provide superior services and to develop a range of products and services that will meet all of their communication needs. The Telekom Slovenije Group strives to be a trustworthy partner to its users, shareholders, business partners, suppliers and employees. Trust represents the basis for growth, further development and success stories.

President of the management board

Letter from the president of the management board

The consolidation of the telecommunications sector continued in Slovenia and the region in 2015, and the Telekom Slovenije Group was a part of that process. Through consolidation activities and the successful implementation of its Strategic Business Plan, characterised in part over the last two years by efforts to sell the government’s participating interest in Telekom Slovenije, the Group has trengthened its market position and ushers in the new period with an ambitious plan and development-oriented objectives.

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Continuously committed to forging partnerships

The ability to adapt quickly, our flexibility and the recognition of trends allow us to be the best possible partner, even to customers with the most demanding requirements and expectations.

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Telekom circle
Telekom circle

Continuously committed to users

The satisfaction and trust of our users mean more to us than anything else. We work hard for them each and every day. Every day of the year.

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Continuously committed to society

We believe that we can help create a society of opportunities through passion and commitment, and by acting responsibly in the environment in which we operate. A society in which everything seems possible. A society that inspires us through culture, education, sport and humanitarian activities.

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