Social responsibility

Highlights in 2015

  • We maintained our role as an important sponsor and donor at the national and local levels.
  • We supported sporting, cultural, educational and humanitarian organisations and projects again in 2015. The latter include assistance to the Slovenian Red Cross for the renovation of the Debeli rtič youth spa and resort.

Through sponsorships and donations, we continued to create a link between the Telekom Slovenije Group and the environment in which we operate in 2015. We maintained our role as an important donor and sponsor at the national and regional levels, with an emphasis on geographical diversity. We earmarked EUR 2.7 million or 0.4% of the Telekom Slovenije Group’s operating revenues for the aforementioned purposes.

Requests for sponsorships and donations are reviewed by a committee that makes decisions regularly and throughout the year. That committee takes into account the interests of those requesting help and Telekom Slovenije Group’s strategy in this area when allocating funds.

Allocation of sponsorship and donation funds by purpose